HppH Pty Ltd says Rolivhuwa, we thank you RSA & our global community.

Ri kho livhuwa nga maanda & we thank you so much the Republic of South Africa & our global community for continuously visiting our website. The numbers tells us that you care  & want to know more about us & what  our services are all about.

Kindly see below the statistics breakdown since 4 April 2016.

04 April 2016 to 04 May 2016, visitors were a little over a thousand (1000).

04 May 2016 to 04 June 2016, visitors were a little over one thousand four hundred (1400).

04 June 2016 to 04 July 2016, visitors are as of today two thousand nine hundred and sixteen (2916).

The numbers have since increased in a very positive way, we are grateful & appreciate it very much.

We love you the Republic of South Africa at Human Police Policing Human Pty Ltd

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