illegal deeds affecting your housing conditions

You have a right to Housing, illegal deeds affecting your housing  conditions must be dealt with because……………..

Section 26……. …….Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act, No. 108 of 1996 states that:

(1) Everyone has the right to have access to adequate housing.
(2) The state must take reasonable legislative and other measures, within its available resources, to achieve the progressive realisation of this right.
(3) No one may be evicted from their home, or have their home demolished, without an order of court made after considering all the relevant circumstances. No legislation may permit arbitrary evictions.

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Access to courts ka na vhudzheno khothe

Any event that takes place between two parties, human beings, or an entity vs a human being, there is always two sides of the story.

The situation might be such of disputes, either in a workplace, home, or any specific forum or within communities. There are mediators to cater for such disputes, and it can be either, elders within the household, religious bodies or cultural courts within the village or a legal representative.

Mediation can take place to identify and try to unearth the two sides of the story, but if that situation does not present it self, you always have a right to have any dispute that can be resolved in the court of law.

This can take place by either application of law decided in a fair public hearing before a court or, where appropriate, another independent and impartial tribunal or forum.

see…… section 34, constitution of the republic of south Africa Act 108 of 1996

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Access to information

Feed your mind with knowledge for better use.

(1) Everyone has the right of access to
(a) any information held by the state; and

(b) any information that is held by another person and that is required for the exercise or protection of any rights.

(2) National legislation must be enacted to give effect to this right, and may provide for reasonable measures to alleviate the administrative and financial burden on the state.

it is written so………………….see section 32 of the constitution Act 108 of 1996.