Freedom of Association: Ri to nanga

This Human Right can be, and should be exercised at all costs with due care.

Munwe na munwe u to nanga uri u toda hu vha a gai?, nanyi?, fhedzi, nga thogomelo.

Freedom of association can be exercised from schools, workplace, with peers and many more places or events. However, it should not be done through infringing other people’s Human Rights.

Ri songo vhaisana ro di imisela, zwi vhaisa lushaka.

freedom of association exercised in an irresponsible manner can harm a nation.

Thought for this month.

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Title The origins of the relationship between the police and the community: A brief story of the Republic of South Africa

Author: A J Mphidi

Document type: Paper Series

Volume: 1

Issue: 1

Date: December, 2016

Publisher: Human Police Policing Human (Pty)Ltd


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