Celebrate your life, you only have one chance.

Everyone has a right to life, and everyone knows that we all live once. In this situation, its vital on how you will live, and respect other people’s lives.  You celebrate birthdays for many reasons.

The lives of your family matters, protect them at all costs, without destroying any other persons life. It would be peaceful isnt it? Lets try to make 🇿🇦 a better place, start with that of your family at home.


Volunteering is rewarding

Inspired & empowered by Mr. Mongezi Menye


One would never understand the Police Official duties personally, until you have experienced the benefits and difficulties of it. But the rewards for me were rewarding in many levels and mostly, for self-esteem.

The most rewarding factor about being a volunteer was the words “Thank you” from a stranger. It made me sleep at night smiling, as i recall, all the events of the day in my head.

Because i had passion for helping people, i just enjoyed waking up in the morning and felt useful. Sometimes being only a student was never good enough for me and i was just tired of waking up and doing nothing but only going to school. I felt i needed something more. I just wanted to feel useful in the society and i had this need to make someone feel special so that i feel useful and more special at the end of the day no matter what I did.

I did not think of doing it for the money, so i decided to write a letter to the SAPS Sunnyside. SAPS replied, i was interviewed by the Station Commander Director Manganye and i was then telephoned to come and start working from 22 June 2005. It was the happiest day of my life. At the end of the year, i received a Commendation Certificate or Award for the good service.

This is how the chain started. What I have learned in the SAPS Sunnyside helped me score a job in the South African Micro Finance Apex Fund (samaf). I was told that some of the reasons for hiring me, were mostly because of the working experience from the SAPS Sunnyside to Legal & Corporate Secretariat division. My presentation of knowing what samaf was all about and self Confidence for what i have committed myself into from the SAPS during my volunteering life. I disclosed in the interview that i work for nothing or without expecting reward in the SAPS made me feel extra special. Because I felt like a “somebody”. I sold my self with the knowledge from working without pay in the SAPS unaware and I was hired.

My former Head of Legal & Corporate Secretariat division, Mr Mongezi Menye always said to me “Judith, never giveup, dont pull your self down or feel small, “I always tell people not to underestimate a heart of a volunteer” and that, no matter how people oppress you, like a cream in a coffee, the cream will always rise on top of that coffee.  He always encouraged me to go for what i want with stride and without fear. He was right, he inspired me and here I am.

I thank you Sir, Menye. Aaaa. Ndo livhuwa nga maanda.

By: Azwihangwisi Judith Mphidi

Youth minds gets stimulated at the Piet Hloki Debate Tournament

Who is Piet Mabaso?

He was born in the East of Pretoria, Mamelodi, Gauteng province. Then moved to Limpopo province for schooling until grade 6. He had to move back to Gauteng when his father passed away. He has since been staying with siblings from time to time, as part of growing up and now back to his home in Mamelodi.

What is his vision?

He believes that entrepreneurship should be taken upon by all citizens around the globe, which might assist in reducing crimes motivated by unemployment.

What does he do?

Entrepreneurship: He Founded an Organisation whilst still in high School aimed to assist the less fortunate, which inspired the formation of Heirs of the world. He is a Co-Founder and Chairperson of Heirs of the World (Chairperson: Debate Structure). He also serve on the board of NPO called 5 loaves & Fish, as a Chairperson of the youth club, which is Founded by the Institute of Dispute Resolution in Africa (IDRA). He also run an Events company called Ad Infinitum Events (Loves the Décor Factor).

Academically: He is an LLB student at the University of South Africa. He is an Assistant Researcher at Institute of Dispute Resolution in Africa (IDRA). He is also a Leader of the IDRA Student Body.

Socially: Piet loves cleaning and cooking a lot at home. He loves extramural activities, has always taken leadership roles. Some of the accolades includes international sponsorships by the Embassy of Venezuela, which he got when he hosted his first Charity event and hosted an annual debate tournament.

What is the Purpose of the Piet Hloki Debate Tournament?

The Piet Hloki Debate Tournament (PHDT) is an annual debate competition for high school Learners and this year was the 3rd successful tournament. The aim of the tournament is to challenge the learners to think on a critical and practical level pertaining current affairs, and the with purpose of debating solutions to the topic. The participation of learners in the debate allows them to explore their own opinions and critical thinking, in dispute resolution measures and also shows them that, when it comes to current Affairs within the country, Learners are not too young to express their perceptions. As a matter of fact, they are human beings, who have constitutional rights to express their perspective on matters affecting their everyday life.

Piet Hloki Debate Tournament: 28 April 2018

The rights to assembly, freedom of association, expression and education was exercised at the Piet Hloki Debate Tournament, held on the 28 April 2018, at UNISA, Robert Sebukwe Building, in Nkwame Nkuruma. Human Police Policing Human (Pty) Ltd Founding Director, Azwihangwisi Judith Mphidi, was invited to attend the session as one of the judges. The session was opened with a beautiful performance of Young Stars Drum Majorettes from North of Pretoria, Shoshanguve.

Mr Piet Mabaso introduced the schools participating in the tournament, which were, Lethlabile, Stanza Bopape, Mahube Valley Secondary Schools and Dansa International College, and he further explained the rules. Then introduced the Judges and Team leaders from the participating schools.

The topics: Lethlabile, Stanza Bopape Secondary Schools debated on the motion: “This house believes that the basic education system in South Africans schools is below the standard of the world and should be changed”. The topics: Mahube Valley Secondary School and Dansa International College debated on the motion: “This house would ban public protests and strikes”.

The debate was so heated, participants armed with knowledge the schools researched on the topics. All schools where very confident and fearless over the other. It was mind blowing, watching and listening to those Learners, showing what South Africa of tomorrow will be like. Responsible, human beings and full of humanity for 🇿🇦.

There were also presentations made by all the schools junior teams. It was of high standard and were commended by the attendees of the sessions to be better than their seniors. No offense was taken, everyone laughed.

Lethlabile Secondary School presented on: “This house believes that the challenge of undocumented foreigners is a crisis, which can be turned into an opportunity”.

Dansa International College presented on: “This house believes that a presidential form of government is better than the current parliamentary systems used in South Africa”.

Stanza Bopape Secondary School presented on: “This house believes that it should be mandatory for hospitals to report any suspicion of disease that could cause a major outbreak”.

Mahube Valley Secondary School presented on: “This house believes that Racism should be criminalised

One School agreed with the motion and others did not, irrespectively, the knowledge from both schools on the topic were of high standard. It was very delighting that learners could take up such topics and tear them apart, with high intelligence reasoning capacity and well referenced from both sides. It was a great experience and all the participants received certificates, then were provided with lunch at the end of the session.