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We are offering Research Assistant Services (Tutoring) to University Students  who are studying research related subjects because  we know you are busy, we are aware of the pressures you encounter on daily basis (work, socially & home).

We know your time is limited when it comes to studying, and we are saying we are here to help those who need help with  or assistant or struggling with,  how to go about starting?

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Happy New Year 2019

A chance to do something

If you could not do what you wanted to do in the previous year, dont dispair, you can still do it if you want to.

If you offended people, you still have a chance to ask for forgiveness.

If you wanted to plant a tree and did not do it, you can still do it. If you did plant it, but did not water it, its time for remedial.

If you wanted to thank your family, mentors, friends who supported you during difficult times and did not do it, you can try to make time.

If you disregarded people around you in the past, try to do a self introspection.

If you did not value your life in the past, try to appreciate it now.

If you never travel for fun, try to plan a trip.

A chance for remedial action

Its up to you to decide to try again and do what you could not do, you will never know if you dont try.

Try to apologize for offending others or wrongdoing to mend relationships.

Try to plant a tree and water it to grow. If you planted a tree and did not water it, you can try to water it to grow and keep monitoring.

Try to thank people who have added or contributed to your success in some personal projects or proffessional ones. Its helps to keep alliances.

Try to value people around you and you might get help from them in the future.

Try to value your life and make it worth living and be happy.

Try to plan a trip and actually go and see places.

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