Festive season safety and security tips

We are One Year Old and want to spend more years with you. Kindly take note of the following tips to stay safe and secure:

  1. Do not drink and drive or let your relatives & friends drink and drive.
  2. Do not let your teenager drink to experiment.
  3. Do not medicate yourself and drive.
  4. Hide your car keys from anyone to avoid your car from being stolen from home.
  5. Trust your intuition, do not go out when peers force you to and when you do not feel like it.
  6. Do not succumb into experimenting with drugs just because its holidays and people are having fun.

We wish you all safe festive season and may you all be safe with your families for a beautiful new year 2017.

One Year Old

Today Human Police Policing Human Pty Ltd is One Year Old. Click here and read an abstract about the origins of the relationship between the police and the community.

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16 Days of Activism 2016, A letter to the unknown offender

To:                 The unknown Offender

From:           The potential Victim & Victim

Subject:       Rights you do not have in the Constitution……….. see…..Act                                108 of 1996…… Bill of Rights….. Chapter two…….of  the                                   Republic of South Africa.

The purpose for this letter is for you to take this 16 Days  of Activism to reflect on you past and current behaviour  and evaluate your status as an individual  within your community here in the Republic of South Africa.

In the past, you have been getting away with every violent deed you committed against the vulnerable within your community. by vulnerable am referring to your siblings such as you sister, mother, aunts or grand-ma, neighbour or stranger. You always thought it was your right to do so and that is why you did it. Now you must know the rights you did not have and still do not in terms humanity and the Constitution…. see….. Act 108 of 1996…… Bill of Rights….., Chapter two…….of  the Republic of South Africa.  .

  1. You do not have a right force another human being to do things that you want on to them.
  2. You do not have a right to force yourself of another human being, for whatsoever reason.
  3. You do not have a right to take what does not belong to you from another human being just because you want it and think you deserve it.
  4. You do not have a right to take a life just because that human being denied you whatever you needed and felt humiliated as a result.
  5. You do not have a right for revenge on people just because life is not going your way.

This rights that you violated in the past and now, or if you are thinking of offending again, just because you cannot help it. Kindly remember that the Victims are your siblings, sister, aunt and gra-ma, neighbour or stranger within your community. Are you not ashamed at all? If one day you decide you want to do good and return to your community, how would you like to be received? have you thought about that?

Any way, as long as you have already been informed of this rights which you do not have, just know that you are not acceptable as an offender. This is because you bring terror in your community, uncertainty and deprive freedom of association among-st community members.

I hope this letter helps you reflect and change your behaviour before you do more damage in your community.

From Human Police Policing Human (Pty) Ltd

A Letter to the Republic of South Africa

Republic of South Africa

9 Provinces

11-12 Almost Official Languages

Democratic Country


Date: 27 04 1994


Subject: Our relationship


Dear  our Country

I am very happy and sad to write this letter to you. However, i would like to first  tell you what makes me happy about you and then will tell you what makes me sad about you.

Things which makes me happy about you are as follows:

Number one;        you are very beautiful, warm, caring and like to                                                 make everyone happy, Everyday.

Number two;        you make sure everyone has a chance to good                                                   health, safety and security and social livelihoods,

Number three;    you have drafted the best supreme law for us so                                               that we know whats best for us so that we can all                                             live in harmony in our backyards.

Number four;       you make sure we all cry together at the same time                                         and wipe each other’s tears.

Number Five;      you take us seriously and so do we.

Now, let me tell you the things which makes me sad about you.

Number one;       you want us to read the same one book and abide by                                      it without considerations of our diverse cultural                                              ethnic backgrounds.

Number two;      when we cry, you appear to be listening and                                                         sympathetic and keep on ignoring us.

Number three;   you wait for the damage to be great to set                                                            corrective measures.

Number four;      you seldom forget we co-exist and must make                                                    decisions together.

Number five;       you are ruining the fun, instilling fear and doubt in                                          our safety and security, smoking into  our lungs, and                                      suffocating us.

Now you listen, the Republic of South Africa, we love and we want you to know we co-exist and must make decisions together. So when are you ready to do a do-over? before the sadness takes over.

what do you say now?

Your response will be appreciated as soon as possible.  This will assure us of our current status. The letter may kindly reflect the current year date to show progress and intentions of resolving our problems.

Your truthfully & with love.

Human Police Policing Human Pty Ltd