Vha hashu, Fellow South Africans?

Vha ri mini, what do you say?


Everyday we see on the news, hear on radio, a very sad, heartbreaking story, either about a lost child, police brutality, killing or the official murdered, corruption, unresolved cases and the list goes on.

We would like to know, what are you doing about it, do we say aah, the world is rotten, lets let it be or we act?  or is it because its not happening to me? what is the perception out there? whats happening?

2 thoughts on “Vha hashu, Fellow South Africans?”

  1. I concur with assertions made by Mukona, equally true is the notion that if each one of us cleans their own street, the world will be a very beautiful place.

    Ubuntu can go a long way towards contributing to eradicating crime

    Government and private sector can also play a role in addressing the social ills that might be a catalyst to crime

    But it all start with self, as there might be people who have neither education nor jobs and are not engaging in criminal activities while there might be people with education and jobs and are engaged in criminal activities

    Ubuntu! is really needed

    1. Indeed, this is an Ubuntu issue. My perception is that, when the perpetrator plans to commit an offence, he or she deactivate the Ubuntu button in him or her self. Because if he or she place themselves in the victim’s shoes, consciousness, hesitation and remorse will kick in. Not including human beings who are unaware that they are committing an offence because he or she is ill, mentally challenged or is still a child and so on.

      in other cases, in my opinion, perpetrators seems to removes the victim of crime as a human being in the picture and place an organisation, body or government and institutions for instances. That can assist the offender to make-believe in his or her mind that the crime he or she is committing is not against human being but a body, organisation or government and an institution and deserves it. Not realizing that either way, in this case, human being remains the victim because organisations, institutions and government are constituted by human beings to have and live lawful lives without violating each other’s rights. # constitutional rights.

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