Criminal behaviour during protests

It seems that peaceful protests are no longer exiting without a blend of criminal behaviour ingredients.  It seems like it is a craved behaviour to cause destruction whenever opportunity arises during protests. The destruction that is caused. it is to our own country which is the Republic of South Africa.

The lives affected are at least, when thinking about it, that are of our family, mentors, colleagues, community members and the list can go on and on. The rights violated are ours, those outlined in the The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act, no 108 of 1996, Chapter 2, Bill of Rights.

The resources destroyed were meant to provide services to our daily lives. The lost resources are still expected  to be recovered using tax payers money which must be used for service delivery and other social services. Hence there will be delays in recovery  of resources destroyed due to priorities in allocation of funds as a result of destruction cause by criminal behaviour during protests.

The non-government resources destroyed affect the jobs of other human beings, at least, when thinking about it, the family, mentors, colleagues, community members and the list can go on and on.

So, when the situation is like this, whom is these destruction directed to?  Are we aware that the criminal behaviour during protests subject RSA to a vulnerable status to organised crime, crime mobs, criminal gangs and list can STILL go on, to exist during protests or when ever opportunity arises.

Its vital that RSA remember that we are a rainbow nation, with next of kin at everyone else’s side, with the supreme law that caters for our rights to protests and which can be amended whenever need arises, of which RSA Citizens are consulted on, which there are commissions which recognizes and accept complains when there are violations.


We love you at , may you be filled with peace and spread it to all.

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