Right to freedom of trade, occupation and profession

Can anyone imagine what our communities would be like without police officials?

In our view, we have noticed that the policing profession is counted among-st one of the most degraded  and criticized professions within the Republic of South Africa.

We take an initiative to educate our society on the fact that, human beings who choose the policing profession have the right to freedom of trade, occupation and profession in terms of section 22 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act 108 of 1996.

  1. Every citizen has the right to choose their trade, occupation or profession freely.
  2. The practice of a trade, occupation or profession may be regulated by law.

Our services revolves around the happy educating and having our fellow South Africans learning as well as  our international community.

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We love you at Human Police Policing Human (Pty) Ltd.


2 thoughts on “Right to freedom of trade, occupation and profession”

  1. Comments on personal profession:

    According to the World Health Organisation, more than 70% of the world’s population uses traditional medicine. So it’s not surprising that scientists all over the world are involved in research on medicinal plants, trying to find out which chemicals in the plants have healing properties. Scientists then ‘make’ or synthesise the chemicals in the laboratory . A famous example would be the bark of the willow tree, which patients were traditionally advised to chew in order to cure pain and fever. Scientists studied this medicinal plant and later ‘made’ or synthesised aspirin. I study, among other things, the chemical compounds in the essential oils obtained from medicinal plants that can be used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, perfumery and food products.

  2. who would want to be criticised on daily basis, would you appreciate your job? would you still have respect for that particular human being? and who is this particular human being? your daughter, mother, son, neighbour and so on. this makes me wonder, why do we need to critisized each other’s profession? do we first look at who is occupying this profession or we just want to talk about it and not have anything constructive to say about it?

    Remembers that the person you are criticizing is your daughter, son, cousin, neighbour and so on. So, whats a way forward in this situation?

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