Infringement of human rights nightmare

Horrifying infringement of human rights in RSA today.

  1. Yesterday, we heard that a child or woman was beaten, while we are waiting for them to recover in hospital, the story turns to murder.
  2. Today, we hear of kidnappings and abductions, while we are hoping for the kidnapped or abducted persons to be returned home safe, the story turns to murder.
  3. Tomorrow we are hoping that offenders make it stop, respect human rights, we give a sigh of fear.

What can we do to make the offenders to stop this nightmare?

*TshiVenda not translated by an expert*

Mafhungo a no hofhisa malugana na hu kandakenyiwa ha dzi ndungelo dza vhathu ngeno kha Afrika- Tshipembe.

  1. Mulovha ro pfa hu tshipfi ngwana o rwiwa kana mufumakadzi ritshe ro lindela huri vha fhole, ra vho pfa hu tshipfi, o tshinyala, hatsheho kana o lovha, ka na o risiya.
  2. Na musi ri pfa hutshipfwi muthu o ngalangala, ri tshe ro lindela huri muthu o do wanala, ra vho pfa hutshipfi,  o tshinyala, hatsheho kana o lovha, ka na o risiya.
  3. Ro vho hofha hu pfa huri la matshelo lo ri farela zwi fhiyo, ri know humbela huri vhaiti vha vhuyada vhu ngafhangfha vha thoniphe ndugelo dza vhathu.

Ndi mini tshine ri ngaita huri vha tshinyi vha litshe ho ita vhutula vhu ngafhangafha?

*TshiVenda not translated by an expert*

One thought on “Infringement of human rights nightmare”

  1. My opinion is that offenders seems to think they are aliens amongst human beings. I feel they think they are hurting something else than human. Than human factor seems to have faded in their psyche.

    The problem is, we live with many offenders, known in our communities that “this person is an offender”. Fear of being the next target cannot be the only thing that stops the person to report this matter in private, without telling anyone that they have went to the police or called the hotline to assist society to stop this nightmare.

    My opinion.

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