Daughter, son, father, mother, friend, brother, sister, cousin, mentors, relative, colleague, husband, strangers, wife, neighbour, grandmother, grandfather, community member and the list can go on. The fact is, human life matters to us.

The muse

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, Act 108 of 1996, Chapter 2, Bill of Rights, sub-sections 7-39 provides for the importance of human life values in our society. Some of the constitutional rights are being violated on daily basis during policing.

The founder of the company has taken a decision to commit to remind and re-educate our society of the need and importance of “Human Police Policing Human” in partnership with clients.

The company is a vehicle that will be used to gather intelligence through research, research assistant services, awareness campaigns and personalised workshops, depending on the clients criminal activity environment within our society because “we are in this together”.

Why the name?

The name of the company is meant to remind our society of who we are, “humans

what ever harm a human being can do / inflict upon another human being may also be corrected by a human being

 below are definitions according to the founder’s opinion to help us understand the muse for the name of the company.


“Human Police”          

is someone’s daughter, son, father, mother, friend, relative, colleague, husband, wife, neighbour, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, community member, the list can go on, who knowingly or unknowingly provide safety & security to a family, clan, community without remuniration. Or,  who made a decision to join and become a member of a professional police institution, recieves  remuniration to provide safety & security within the country under prescribed legislation.

“Policing Human”       

is a natural act, professional act, duty, commitment made by “Human Police” to basically provide safety & security to a family, clan, community within the country without remuniration for the love of safety & security or remunirated by a professional police institution under prescribed legislation.